Our Program


All children are encouraged to learn the letters, colors and shapes.  Below will tell you how I target each age group for learning to ensure they are learning from the activity, after all that is the goal from my point of view.

Activities for children in care:

   Our Infants:

There is so much to do with an infant in care, some of the activities are:  tummy time, singing songs, talking to them while they are eating, interacting with shaking toys, having them look for your voice.  Infants enjoy watching the other children, so providing a safe place for them to do that is important.  When they learn to sit up they can be included in activities around table time so they can interact and hear the children playing and talking with their activities.  Sensory bottles or bags are a great way to enhance their learning while the other children are working on their craft.  Activities can be done at any age to ensure learning is taking place.  It is a great way for the infants to learn.  I have a wide age range of children in daycare on a daily basis so children learn different skills each day.  For example an older child can learn to sing to an infant, and an infant can respond by touching their face.  It is such a great way to learn.

   Our Toddlers:

Toddlers are very hands on learners, so I provide activities that they see a reaction to such as a tube to roll a toy such as a ball down, then we can add other toys to it and see if they roll as well.  They are self-directed learners, because they can play with a toy in so many different ways, the imagination is a great tool to let them use during play.  They also participate during craft time, the children will all do the same activity I will just change it to fit their needs and abilities.  There are opportunities to sing songs, dance, yoga, read books, we will also make up a song about the children, they love to hear their name in a song.

   Our Preschoolers:

At this age the children learn by hands on play as well, it is great to offer them the opportunity to use new skills or hone skills they already have with activities to enhance learning.  The activities are geared around skills they will need to have to enter into Kindergarten.  So they will be encouraged to color, cut, glue and paste, while following directions.  They will also be offered free creative time with an assortment of odd craft pieces to see what they can come up with in their design.  Manipulatives are offered so they can use fine and gross motor skills while engaging in a fun activity.

Click below and find an example of a weekly theme around the letter E, the kids are taught the letter around activities to engage them and teach them. We also have two menu samples displaying the type of USDA meals we serve the children weekly at Little Bugs Daycare!