Meet Lynn

My name is Lynn Moser and I have been doing daycare for 14 years at several different duty stations with my husband as we have enjoyed a very blessed Air Force career.  We got married in 1990, and moved to England as a young couple.  We had our first daughter there at the Bentwaters / Woodbridge bases.  We then moved back to the states due to base closure, to Gulfport MS for a few months for my husband’s school to cross train into weather.  We then got stationed in Savannah GA at an Army base.  In between stations we had our second daughter in Bismarck ND, we then we moved back to Mississippi for additional training, and then got stationed in Minot ND, from there we moved to Anchorage AK, and then it was on to Sumter, South Carolina, where we had our youngest daughter, and finally we were blessed to get stationed in the great state of Nebraska!  Go Huskers! We have added to the family again with the addition of three wonderful grandchildren, two boys and one girl, they keep us very busy.

We are excited to make our home in Bellevue Nebraska, as it has been a long term goal to get to this area.  We are retired after our military commitment and looking forward to the next chapter in my husband’s career.  I have been affiliated with the Air Force Child care office on base and am currently licensed with Nebraska as well.  I look forward to helping you to shape the child’s future learning and development.

I have been a daycare provider for over 14 years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to stay home and raise my children while earning a living teaching other children.  My husband and I have been married for 27 years, we have three wonderfully talented daughters, a son in law, and an two grandsons, and a granddaughter.   My educational background is a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I have taken some early education classes as well.   I attend training’s required by the state in order to maintain my daycare license, I am also CPR and first aid certified.

About Little Bugs Daycare

It has been a great blessing to watch the children in my childcare.  I have been a partner to the parents in the shaping of the children’s lives.  I am still amazed at the joy that comes from a child learning a new skill.  Life through their eyes is a precious gift

The kids are taught with hands on skills, with reinforcements of preschool worksheets.  We are very busy during the week, the weeks are themed based with activities to reinforce that learning.  We sing songs on and appreciate the chance to work together to raise your child to be the most creative child they can be!!!daily basis that also tie into the activities of the week.  We discuss weather and sing the days of the week as well.  Some of our messy art is spent playing with playdoh or homemade moon sand.  Thank you again for looking at my website, I hope it will give you a little idea of what we do in our daycare.

I am honored that you looked at the website and appreciate the chance to work together to raise your child to be the most creative child they can be!!!

We Take Your Security Seriously!

Recently state licensing started requiring additional policies regarding the ongoing safety of the children in daycare.  Aspects they look at are fire, tornado, or any other emergency situation.  During summer months the risk of a tornado is likely so I have monthly fire and tornado drills that I keep track of on my parent information door.  I have written policies for my child care to show how I would respond in certain situations.  I also have made up cards for all parents with contact information on it for my phone numbers to the child care as well as my phone contact out of state, if something happened where I was unreachable locally.

I also have a security system that has been installed in my home, with a camera on the front door.  I lock the door during daycare hours, to ensure a stranger cannot just walk into my daycare unannounced.  I have had several parents visit during the day and I make them feel welcome.

By state standards I am inspected once a year by my state representative, while the representative from the food program comes up to four times a year.